When The Light Goes Down
Release date 27 11 2015
Catalog # RB010
Genre Techno


01 Revenant - Afterearth (Original Mix)
02 Revenant - Taz (Original Mix)
03 Revenant - When The Light Goes Down (Original Mix)
04 Revenant - Solar (Original Mix)
05 Revenant - Developing Nuclear Fusion (Original Mix)
06 Revenant - Ascending (Original Mix)


Slamming techno with chunky rhythms and dark warehouse feeling mixed up with some deep industrial sounds.
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Wired Up Radio: Solar is the pick for me thanks
Patrick DSP: solid release. thanks!
DJ Hildegard: thanks for the music
Spiral Tribe: couple of good tracks here!
Markantonio: thanks for the music!!!
The Welderz: Nice release. Will try ! Thanx
Agents Of Time: Thank you for the music. AoT
Milton Bradley: nice stuff
Proton Radio: I dig them all
Luca Doobie: taz my fave thnx:) L
Sossa: nice release full support
Samuli Kemppi: Thanks!
Oscar Vazquez: Nice tracks. Thanks
Thomas P. Heckmann: Solar for me !
DJ Nori: Sounds dark!!
Dario Sorano: good one, thx
Urig & Dice: Thanks for sending. We are definetly supporting! U&D
Reinier Zonneveld: wow! nice bangers right there
Stefano Infusino: Ascending and When The Light Goes Down are very cool! will try! thx
Stevie Wilson: Great pack here really like all the tracks, full support
Salvatore Freda: interesting release !
Monica Alamo Aka Mon: thanks for the music!
Mars Bill: nice thanks!
Flash Brothers: solar is interesting dark spacey techno!
Ovi M: thanks will try
BETON Radioshow: Cool dark(er) stuff. Will be supported, thanks!
Joseph Capriati: thanks.
Alessandro Spaiani: Cool sound, thanks!
Johnny Kaos: Nice pack thanks!

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