Linus Quick Pappenheimer
Release date 31 07 2015
Catalog # RB005
Genre Techno


01. Pappenheimer & Linus Quick - On Travel
02. Pappenheimer & Linus Quick - Check in
03. Pappenheimer & Linus Quick - Drive to the club
04. Pappenheimer & Linus Quick - Doors open
05. Pappenheimer & Linus Quick - Welcome
06. Pappenheimer & Linus Quick - Soundcheck
07. Pappenheimer & Linus Quick - Scene
08. Pappenheimer & Linus Quick - Endless Dance
09. Pappenheimer & Linus Quick - Sweat & Haze
10. Pappenheimer & Linus Quick - Aterhour


Weekend is a “concept album”.
It consists of ten tracks that explore varying facets of the duo’s sound.
At once engulfing but also claustrophobic, dark but also uplifting, hypnotic but also full-throttle, the producers behind it left no details untouched in filling in their vision, incorporating ideas from noise, psychedelia and proper techno.


Spiral Tribe: some great stuff here!
Electrorites: Amazing tracks!! Support
Sossa: nice release
Peha: What a nice week-end ! thanks !
Markantonio: thanks for the music!!!
Sebastian Groth: cool tracks :)
Gabeen: great pack , will test Sweat &Haze ,thx
Atie Horvat: Big album from the guys! full support & can't wait to try it out :))
MIDI: cool pack
Drumloch: Really Nice album , Congratulations ! Full Support
Flash Brothers: Afterhour is dope
Vegim: great tracks. Endless Dance is the beast. Will play it loud.
Maurizio Vitiello: some big track in this package... will support!!! :)
DJ Nori: Nice release, great techno staff.
Andrea Frisina: Full support.
Omar Salgrado: On Travel for me.
Guido Nemola: super!!
Stefano Infusino: Cool sounds, will try! thx
Energun: good release!
Bodyscrub: nice package!
Peja: Thanks
Patrick DSP: Wicked!!
Uglh: Welcome for me thx
Monica Alamo Aka Mon: nice tracks!
Joseph Capriati: thanks.
GO!DIVA: “On Travel” and “Check In” are great!!
Wired Up Radio: Sweat and haze for me thanks
Destroyer: checking out all the tracks. thank you!
The Welderz: Interesting LP !! Good Idea. Afterhour is really cool.
Dario Sorano: ”massive ep thx"
Paco Osuna: Will try thanks ;)
Enrico Sangiuliano: Support.
Spartaque: Album sounds great! My congratulations!

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