Dandi & Ugo NoizyKnobs Piatto
Universal Stones
Release date 19 03 2015
Catalog # RB001
Genre Techno


01. Old Lines (Original Mix)
02. Old Lines (PIATTO Remix)
03. Universal Stones (Original Mix)
04. Universal Stones (Dandi & Ugo Remix)
05. Claro! (Original Mix)
06. Adapter (Original Mix)


Italo Business is a label formed in the late 2005 by Dandi & Ugo and Piatto.
Based in the Italian “East Coast”, the Label becoming a well know electronic music pusher thanks to the support and collaboration of many international talented producers.
In the last years the label released stuff from producers as Umek, Aka Aka, Kolombo, Audiojack, Hector Couto, Niereich, Tony Rhor, Audio Injection and many others from weird minimal to straight techno.
This anniversary will be a a kind of “reboot” as the label is planning to release new music coming from young talents that will be the new headliners.

The first 2015 release comes from the Italian NoizyKnobs.

Noizyknobs is a Live Techno duo project started in 2012 from the collaboration of two artists who grew up in an urban setting where Baroque architecture coexists with the concept of a modern and industrialized city. A place where underground clubs live in the shadows of car factories and eighteenth century buildings. Their music displays a clear connection to the Detroit Techno scene, combining acid bass lines, melodic textures and pumping beats.
In last year they’ve been releasing tracks with good feedbacks from Laurent Garnier, Truncate, Luis Flores, Cristian Varela, Antony Pappa, Piatto, Dandi & Ugo, Andrea Bertolini, etc.


Niereich: Great Release Full support!

Stevie Wilson: Massive pack here really like all the tracks . Full Support!

Claudio Masso: ADAPTER KILLER!!!

Monica Alamo Aka Mon: Thanks for the music (Mon - Pild Records - Basswalk Records)

Ben Sims: i'll try the piatto remix, thx!

Vegim: Adapter original is the one for me. True old school vibe.

Nick Bowman: Smooth release! Claro is my pick

Mikael Jonasson: nice sounds!! thanks... :)

Yari Greco: NoizyKnobs - Claro is for me, support!

Alexi Delano: Thank you for the music!

Mikael Jonasson: nice sounds!! thanks... :)

Hollen: Good Release - Support

Maetrik: downloaded for maceo plex / maetrik, thanks for the music!

Chicago Loop: Universal Stones (Dandi & Ugo Remix) is the one for me here. Many thanks :)

Sisko Electrofanatik: great works here! total support

Thomas P. Heckmann: Nice package :-)

Israel Toledo: G reat ep, i will play it for sure!!, nice bass lines

Torsten Kanzler: yes, will play

Steve Lawler: Downloaded for Steve Lawler, thanks.

Patrick DSP: i like the dandi and ugo remix

Djforum Mag: very nice EP! THX

Dangeli: great track !! full support

Luigi Madonna: great tnx!

Mds: support it !!! Good Job ! !

Enrico Sangiuliano: Old Lines spinge bene! Grazie!

Anthony Castaldo: Perfect ep! Great re-start guys. All the best

Flug: I will try Piatto Remix, Thanks.

Bodyscrub: nice package, thanks!

Different grooves: Old Lines (Original Mix)!!!

Urig & Dice: Wow! Absolutly in love with old lines! full support!

Atie Horvat: Really cool groovy ep! Dandi & Ugo remix for me thanks ! :))

Clubbers Guide New York: Nice heavy techno

Dario Sorano: thx

Rob Hes: Piatto's remix is real nice. Love those melody lines

Alessandro Spaiani: Cool ep, thanks !

Mattias Fridell: Some good pieces here! I'm really into Claro! Well done, thanks.

Joy Kitikonti: Fantastico!! This is what i call Techno!! Love..thx

Elton D.: Full Support!

Daniele Petronelli: Good Work as always!

Forest People: support!

Mihalis Safras: support

Koen Groenveld: Nice package will test out one or two for sure !

Maurizio Vitiello: Thanks for the files will try Claro! and Adapter..

The-Zone 88.9Fm Radioshow: Thanks, downloaded for The-Zone 88.9Fm Radioshow

Joseph Capriati: Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.

GO!DIVA: All great vibes. Old Lines (Original Mix) and Universal Stones (Dandi & Ugo Remix) are great!!!

Stefano Infusino: Very cool stuff, will try for sure! thx

Andrea Frisina: Support !

DJ Hyperactive: Liking the Piatto remix

Dr Motte: excellent release!

Samuli Kemppi: thanks!

MIDI: Amazing! Welcome back!

Paco Osuna: Will try thanks ;)

BETON Radioshow: thanks!

Simone Tavazzi: dandi e ugo remix is my favourite! thx

Balthazar: Very solid techno sound, will support!

Dani San: all tracks are awesome! different styles but all really good!

Haz: Love them all, both the remix and original of Universal Stones are my favourite. Full support!

Samsa : Nice EP!! Universal Stones (Dandi & Ugo Remix) is fat :)

Candeed: such a good ep!!!!! old lines is awesome, but my favorite is Claro!!!!! :)

dj Ellita: The BIG qualitative Release!

Kit Kalt: We liked the Universal Stones Ep very much, it's very good pounding techno ! We loved the rough basslines and the smooth influences from Detroit!

Lunacybot: Done! Some top-notch tunes right there !

Orion: Really really nice stuff! Dandi’s & Ugo’s slightly heavier remix is my fav of these. Thanks

Matteo Farah: Killer! Support! thx guys !!!

Andy Notalez: Old Lines (Original Mix) and Universal Stones (Original Mix) are really good ones! Will play these for sure. Fresh sound!

Phuture Traxx: Really good one, will play for sure <3

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Italo Business will look for new music to release. We would like to listen new original stuff.

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