Alex Trilb
Release date 11 09 2015
Catalog # RB007
Genre Techno


01. Seccume (Original Mix)
02. Sori (Original Mix)
03. Times (Original Mix)


Alex Trilb works at the crossroads of techno and noise.
This is ep sounds like piston rhythm and overworked electronics over a harsh industrial hypnotic-mantra!


Sven Schaller: Yes: nice stuff. thx.
Mark Morris: Yes: i will try in my next set SECCUNT
Stefano Infusino: Yes: Huge tracks.. will try for sure! thx
DJ Nori: Yes: Super cool.
Nick Bowman: Yes: Intense EP, really like Times.
Thomas P. Heckmann: Yes: Seccunt for me !
Electrorites : Yes: Alex Trilb - Seccunt (Original Mix) and Times (Original Mix) are amazing!!Support
Coefficient: Yes: Great!! Sorh is my fave....Times is nice too. Thanks
Guido Nemola: Yes: support
The-Zone 88.9Fm Radioshow: Yes: Thanks! download for The-Zone Radio show!
Mikael Jonasson: Yes: intense stuff and I like it!!
Urig & Dice: Yes: Thanks for sending. We will definetly support!
Flash Brothers: Yes: cool tuff hard techno
Gabeen: Yes: nice pack! thx
Yari Greco: Yes: Support!
Clubbers Guide New York: Yes: Nice release
Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner: Yes: Thx 4 the Music
MIDI: Yes: seccunt for me
Joseph Capriati: Yes: Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.
Different grooves: Yes: Times (Original Mix)
Paco Osuna: Yes: Will try thanks ;)
Killref: Yes: Excellent EP. It really fits my techno side.
Mike Humphries: Yes: great
Dario Sorano: Yes: massive ep, thx!

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