Release date 26 06 2015
Catalog # RB004
Genre Techno


01. I-ntro (Original Mix)
02. Satellite (Original Mix)
03. 8040000 (Original Mix)
04. Acid Wednesday (Original Mix)
05. Channel5 (Original Mix)
06. A_1 (Original Mix)
07. Model TLX (Original Mix)
08. Reden (Original Mix)
09. Rush (Original Mix)


We have got a stunning debut album from the Italian producer called A-909
All the tracks are trippy and reminding of the golden 90’s era of psychedelic Detroit and Berlin techno.
We can say “classic techno for the new age”.


Maurizio Vitiello: "some very interesting tune here... thx! Will support!"
Sossa: nice release full support
DJ Nori: Cool staff!
Joy Kitikonti: Great album!! Play for sure!! Thx
Uglh: really nice thx
Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N.: Nice EP thanks will try out
Chico Perulli: Solid! ;-)
Niereich: Channel 5 is awesome!
Flash Brothers: A_1 is dope
Gabeen: awesome sounds! thx
Ortin Cam: Reden is a beast! Will play
Atie Horvat: Great release , nice quality ep! :)
Rob Hes: Nice Album! Channel 5 is my fav!
Monocraft: Nice release, thanks. Channel5 (Original Mix) is my absolute favorite.
Stevie Wilson: "Solid sounds here full support"
Spiral Tribe: some nice tracks here couple will be used thanks
Maetrik: downloaded for Maceo Plex / Maetrik, thanks for the music!
Joseph Capriati: Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.
Paco Osuna: Will try thanks ;)
Milton Bradley: nice stuff
Body scrub: nice package , thanks!
Wired Up Radio: Different grooves checking out all the tracks. thanks for sending!
MIDI: a really cool release, best sounds into, full support!
Ovi M: Rush and A_1 fo rme :)
Guido Nemola: Cool package
Markantonio: Downloading for Markantonio...thanks for the music!!!
Luigi Madonna: nice tnx!
Tim[at]realestaterecords.com: full support
Andrea Frisina: Satellite and Reden are cool for me. Thanks !
BETON Radioshow: Very nice classic styled Techno. Deffo 'Channel5' stands out here, as well 'Model TLX'. Thanks, will be supported!
Tex-Rec: this guy is a ding dong guy , i like ding dong guy's :) Techno !
Alessandro Spaiani: Old school sound! Tnx
Stefano Infusino: Bomb release! will play for sure! thx
m-nus: downloaded for r hawtin

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