Candeed Dave Nemesis Dino Kasunic Falx Haz Rhythmona
Geometrie Oblique Vol. 1
Release date 15 05 2015
Catalog # RB003
Genre Techno


01. Fal:x "Manasaputra"
02. Haz "Backup [V0.9]"
03. Candeed "U-Turn"
04. Dave Nemesis "Gotta Have It"
05. Rhythmona "Mixed Affective Episodes"


Italo Business is a label formed in the late 2005 by Dandi & Ugo and Piatto.
Based in the Italian “East Coast”, the Label becoming a well know electronic music pusher thanks to the support and collaboration of many international talented producers.
In the last years the label released stuff from producers as Umek, Aka Aka, Kolombo, Audiojack, Hector Couto, Niereich, Tony Rhor, Audio Injection and many others from weird minimal to straight techno.
This anniversary will be a a kind of “reboot” as the label is planning to release new music coming from young talents that will be the new headliners.



Destroyer: Rhythmona - Mixed Affective Episodes (Original Mix)
good tracks! last one all the way for me! awesome!

The-Zone 88.9Fm Radioshow: "Thanks! Download for The-Zone 88.9 Fm Radio Show!

Tunndra: Thanks for the link. Really feeling it, a nice collections of different moods. I like the hypnotic, futuristic feel of 'Manasaputra' and the airiness of 'Gotta have it' some nice dark dub vibrations that remind me a bit of bristol. 'Mixed Affective Episodes' has some real edge, the drone gives you a feeling of uneasiness and dread, kind of sick feeling in the stomach, really good :)

Patrick DSP: wicked!

D.A.V.E. the drummer: Loving the groove on this track

Oscar Vazquez: Nice techno, support. Thanks

Bodyscrub: Nice package, Dave Nemesis for me!

Enrico Sangiuliano: Rhythmona's trip for me, thanks!

Roberto Clementi: Thanks!

Wired Up Radio: Flax is the pick the for me thanks

Spartaque: Cool tracks! Backup is my fav ;)

Stefano Infusino: Rhythmona's track is very cool ! thx

Anthony Castaldo: "Backup [V0.9] and Gotta Have It for me
full support"

Energun: Good release!

A. Paul: support it

Joy Kitikonti: Bomb release!! Thx

Chicago Loop: 'Backup' rocks! Love it. Thanks :)

Sisko Electrofanatik: awesome traxx!!!

MIDI: dark sounds really nice

Joseph Capriati: Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.

Christian Cambas: Haz - Backup for me, will be playing

Alessandro Spaiani: Very cool, many thanks!

Andrea Frisina: Backup" is cool !"

BETON Radioshow: Manasaputra' is superb, will be supported. Thanks!

Maurizio Vitiello: Manasaputra and Gotta Have It for me thx!

Dario Sorano: "great ep thx"

Paco Osuna: Will try thanks ;)

Protyv: great release!

Tanz3n & Ativ: Hey my favorite track is Candeed - U - Turn

FaboTek Sabbah (Montreal): Circus club afterhour
Back Up and Gotta Have It are really nice will play them in my opening set for Alex Bau here in Montreal.

DinoQle: damn sick release !!!

NoizyKnobs: really nice ep. support! our favourite track is "Gotta have it". we'll play for sure

KitKalt: We really appreciate this release and the diversity of sounds approach we can find in it, our personal favorite is Backup from Haz which is a true definition of violence for big dance floors.

Klaps: crazy tunes! Backup is jamming

Giorgio Rusconi: boom!! SUPER eP !!! Candeed Big track !!! djOrionAmazing release! Thanks for sending it over.

Candeed: really like Falx - Manasaputra, good hypnotic tune!!
mixed affective episodes of Rhytmona as a good vibe too: great track

Matteo Farah: Haz - backup for me! I like it! Evil! Great V.A.!!!

Dj Ellita Leopartanyani: I liked "Backup" track the most. Thank You!

Samsa: Haz - Backup, sick track!

Lunacybot:Full support, 5 stomping tunes. Falx - Manasputra is my pick. Will play all.

Rhythmona: superb !

Aert: Very nice, love it support!!

Midinoize: support i'will playing "Haz - backup" for me!

Uakoz: Haz and Dave Nemesis mixes my favorite in absolute! Good stuff

Kitanul / IpStLu: nice stuff again, Rhythmona is the man!

FALX: Sick release! Will play them all for sure.

KAE: nice :)

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Italo Business will look for new music to release. We would like to listen new original stuff.

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