Dandi & Ugo
Dirty Game
Release date 06 06 2015
Catalog # SPE001
Genre Techno


01. Drugstore Cowboys (Original Mix)
02. Drugstore Cowboys (Alessandro Spaiani Remix)
03. 2 Da Limit (Original Mix)
04. 2 Da Limit (Chris Lo Remix)
05. Dirty Games
06. Acido Solventre
07. Brutal Impact
08. Far Da Son
09. Linee Di Sangue
10. Massive Beat
11. Dirty Grooves
12. Geometrie Oblique
13. Philtone


New massive album from the Italian duo “Dandi & Ugo”.
They say: “Our trip in House Music began in far 1989 when our strong friendship and our common love for club electronic music became a passion. In this way began our story of the double DJ set: we work in pair like we are an only one DJ, we put on the stereo two records for all the length of our live set, so we are able to unite our musical preferences to make our nights full of energy! In these years the evolution of Sound, Rhythm, Melody thrill us really a lot and make us listen and play different kind of music: Acid House, Detroit Techno, Underground, Drum’n’Bass, Trip Hop, Progressive, Deep House and Electro.
The first equipment, first records, first parties in our area clubs. Born as a sort of a game, deeper and deeper our passion became a job, a job that brought us to work within famous djs and producers and starting a new adventure that takes us to release our records…”
So.. check it out!


Drumloch: Really Great Album ! Like the energy. Added to my playlist .

John 00 Fleming: Alessandro Spaiani remix is outstanding!

Sin Sin: Hi guys, cool Album, congrats!! A l tracks are well produced, ..its hard to make a decision. I picked dirty grooves as favorite, great one! Good luck with the release. Can just recommend it!

Michael Knop: nice pack here

The Advent: great work some nice bits here, my fav is: Massive Beat (Original Mix)

MIDI: album of the year!

Mark Morris: I will test dirty games , thanks

Sossa: nice release

Monocraft: Nice album, thanks!

Monica Alamo Aka Mon: thanks for the music!

Chicago Loop:Nice album. Drugstore Cowboys rocks. Thanks ì

Mirko Paoloni: HOT!

Richard Belsom: Really like 2 Da Limit here, solid track

Destroyer: awesome album! full support!!!

Stevie Wilson: Massive sounds here, Love all the tracks guys. Full Support.

Filippo Nardi: WOW !

TenGrams: Wicked album!

Axel Karakasis: downloading, thanks!!

Alessandro Spaiani: Big album! Proud to be part of that !

Urig & Dice: Huge Collection of tracks! Will definitly spin a few of them! Thx!

Sisko Electrofanatik: bomb trax!! supa album!! total support!!!!

Niereich: Massive Beat and Geometrie Oblique are my choice here. thx

Dario Sorano: full support. thx

Paco Osuna: Will try thanks

Thomas P. Heckmann: Nice package and will play

Different grooves: checking out all the tracks - thanks for sending!

Fuzzy Box Records: Linee Di Sangue!

BETON Radioshow: Thanks!!

Spiral Tribe: great collection

Joseph Capriati: thanks.

Spartaque: Omg!!! Full support!

Reinier Zonneveld: love it!

Forest People: support

DaveNemesis: Full support! Really like the wholalbum. It is e definitely aimed at the dancefloor. Best for me is the original mix of drugstore cowboys

A.Paul: good album guys. my favs are "dirty groves" and "brutal impact"

Szeb: I like Geometrie Oblique and Alessandro Spaiani remix

Giorgio Rusconi : all tracks are bombs

Dino Kasunic: Really nice tracks. Brutal Impact & Philtone are my favorite. Nice job!

Guido Nemola: WOW !!!

Liam Mandario: Suppor it

Robert Tauten: Lovely album. I like 2 da limit the most. Will try it.

Massi Paoli: support !!!

Toby Rost: 100% support For this Album Will Play it

Andres Gil: thanks a lot for the promo!! I like "Linee Di Sangue" nice track DEEP

Balthazar: thanks for the promo. Massive album, full support! My personal favourites are "Drugstore Cowboys" + "Dirty Grooves".

YeallowHeads: hey Thanks for share, 2 da limit and massive beats are the best for us! will play both!

Citizen Kain: thanks for the link, definitely a very cool album, numerous bomb inside ... I will play for sure the originals of Drugstore Cowboys and 2 da Limit! Have a nice day, all the best

Ronny Vergara: we'll play for sure thx

Ellita Leopartanyani dj: I've listened to the album. Your style has changed. It sounds interesting.
It's awesome to get the promos from you! Thank you!

Sebastian Groth: great album

Lunacybot: Killer album full of stomping tunes. Universally high standard. My pick is probably Brutal Impact. Full support!

A-909: Solid Ep. For me Philtone, Geometrie Oblique, Dirty Grooves, Far Da Son, Brutal Impact, Acido Solvente. Good Sound

FALX: Killer album! My favorite is Far Da Son.

Oscar Vazquez: I like some tracks. Thanks!

Midinoize: Support!

NoizyKnobs: support Brutal impact

Tako: Support!

Angy Kore: awesome album! All the tracks are different and has a massive essenze! Thanx!

Simon Roge: The album is really heavy. I really like the "Dandi & Ugo, Julien Lecoq - Drugstore Cowboys (Alessandro Spaiani Remix)". The other ones are really hardcore. I will be spinning them in my sets for sure.

Steve Shaden: A lot of bombs here! cool stuff… Alessandro Spaiani remix and "far da son" are the best for me!… thanks!

Ben Short: Support

PIATTO: Full Support

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