Dandi & Ugo
Dandi & Ugo


They say: “Our trip in House Music began in far 1989 when our strong friendship and our common love for club electronic music became a passion. In this way began our story of the double DJ set: we work in pair like we are an only one DJ, we put on the stereo two records for all the length of our live set, so we are able to unite our musical preferences to make our nights full of energy! In these years the evolution of Sound, Rhythm, Melody thrill us really a lot and make us listen and play different kind of music: Acid House, Detroit Techno, Underground, Drum’n’Bass, Trip Hop, Progressive, Deep House and Electro Techno. The first equipment,  first records,  first nights in our area clubs. Born as a sort of a game, deeper and deeper our passion became a job, a job that brought us to work within  famous Djs and producers and starting a new adventure that takes us to release our records…”


General management: Giorgio Capuano

Booking: Alessandro Biondi


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